/ 7 Reasons Why Microfiber Shirts are the Most Ideal Type of Sportswear for Active Malaysia
7 Reasons Why Microfiber Shirts are the Most Ideal Type of Sportswear for Active Malaysia

For Malaysians with an active lifestyle, finding the right kind of clothes to do your favorite sports activities and exercises in can be crucial.

Especially in a hot and humid country like Malaysia, it is essential to find clothes that not only feel comfortable but can also keep you dry and cool as you sweat it out.

The wrong kind of clothes can stick to your skin, make you feel uncomfortable and make your workout harder than it should be.

Thankfully, these days athletic Malaysians have the choice of microfiber shirts to train in.

But what exactly is microfiber and what benefits does it have over more common fabrics like cotton when it comes to sports?

If you've always been curious about the qualities of microfiber fabrics and why you should choose them the next time you're shopping for athletic wear, we'll be able to show you. 

What is Microfiber?

Unlike cotton, Microfiber is a synthetic material usually made with a blend of polyester and nylon. As such, they are usually made to be a lot finer than cotton, which is created using plant-based fibers. This makes it possible to come up with a large number of Microfiber variations compared to cotton.

Additionally, the polymer blends in Microfiber also makes them a lot stronger than cotton. This gives Microfiber fabrics unique qualities that are not usually found in pure cotton fabrics, especially as sportswear.

What qualities do Microfiber shirts have over cotton shirts?

Let's have a look:

6 Features of Microfiber Shirts That Make Superior to Cotton Shirts as Sportswear

#1. Its wick absorption characteristic makes Microfiber shirts quick drying

Wick absorption is probably microfiber fabrics' most popular feature. It's the main quality of that gives microfiber shirts the quick dry feature so loved among active Malaysians.

With wick absorption, sweat gets absorbed from the skin quickly, drying and cooling it in the process. This makes microfiber shirts the best ones for a sweaty workout, or simply when you are going out for a stroll on a hot and sunny day in Malaysia.

#2. Made of synthetic fibers, Microfiber shirts are more durable

Unlike cotton which is made from plant-based fibers, microfiber shirts are made up of synthetic materials which lend it a more durable quality compared with cotton.

While you can expect to change out your cotton shirts after a number of machines washes, microfiber shirts are more machine wash resistant. So, you can throw your microfiber shirts for a lot more washes in the machine and still be able to wear them for a long time.

They also don't tear that easily unless scratched, making microfiber shirts a lot easier to maintain compared to cotton shirts. 

#3. Even with machine wash, Microfiber shirts don't lose shape easily

The strong fibers in microfiber shirts make it a lot harder for them to change shape. This makes microfiber shirts a lot more stretchy while retaining its shape.

So even if you are playing more aggressive sports like football, or basketball, you can be assured that your microfiber shirts stay the same regardless of how it has been pulled. 

As such, your microfiber shirts are likely to still give you a stylish appearance after many sessions.

#4. Stain resistant material means dirt is easily washable

Unlike cotton materials, microfiber materials are more resistant to stains. For individuals who prefer outdoor sports, microfiber shirts can be heaven sent. Regardless of how much mud you get on it, with a good wash in your washing machine, your microfiber shirt will come out without any stains.

You won't be able to say the same thing for cotton shirts, however, as they can get stained pretty easier. So if you are an outdoor enthusiast, make sure to keep a few pieces of microfiber shirts in your wardrobe. 

#5. Their breathable material keeps you cool

Compared to materials of the same weight, microfiber shirts are more breathable thanks to its fine fibers. This helps you keep cool in any weather, regardless of your activity level. Although it isn't as breathable as cotton, for the other qualities that microfiber fabrics offer, it's your best bet to stay compared with other similar materials in the market.

#6. Light-weight material

Thanks to its low-density, microfiber shirts are light-weight compared to cotton. This is an especially attractive quality if you are playing a sport where keeping yourself light is important.

Even if you aren't playing a competitive sport, keeping your clothes lightweight can make your overall workout feel more comfortable. So you'll be able to go on for a longer period of time, getting a better workout in.

If you are a frequent traveler who likes keeping fit while on the road, microfibers shirts can help keep your luggage light without compromising on your workout routines.

#7 Wrinkle-Free

Fresh out the washing machine and straight to drying yet comes out wrinkle-free? Microfiber shirts gives you one less thing to worry about. In comparison to cotton shirts, you often have to spend extra time caring for them especially during the drying process as it would cause unwanted creases and no one has time for that when you're rushing to go somewhere important. 


Since its inception, microfiber shirts has exploded in popularity amongst people with active lifestyles. Its wick absorption characteristic and breathable quality make it a natural choice for people who like keeping cool and dry in hot countries like Malaysia, or when engaging in intense workouts.

The synthetic quality of microfiber fabrics makes them machine wash friendly, stain-resistant and highly durable. So regardless of the type of workouts or sports you are active in, or whether you like being active indoors or outdoors, microfiber shirts are your perfect companion.

While the characteristics and qualities of microfiber shirts make them great activewear, they are also comfortable and stylish enough to wear even for casual outings.

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