/ Microfiber Shirt Types: Which Should You Pick for Work, Sports and Casual Wear in Malaysia? Let’s Find Out!
Microfiber Shirt Types: Which Should You Pick for Work, Sports and Casual Wear in Malaysia? Let’s Find Out!

Microfiber shirts are catching on in popularity these days in Malaysia. Thanks to its unique quick drying and durable qualities, more, and more Malaysians are choosing microfiber shirts over cotton ones whether as sports, work, or casual wear.

While primarily worn as sportswear, microfiber shirts are increasingly finding their way into the wardrobes of Malaysians as a fashion centerpiece for all kinds of occasions.

Today, we'll look at some of the most commonly worn microfiber shirt types (polo, u-neck, short sleeve, and long sleeve) and give you our best recommendations on how to wear and style them.

If you're looking for another piece of microfiber clothing to add to your wardrobe, we think you'll like what we recommend! Let's get into it!

Quick Recap: Pros and Cons of Microfibers

Before we get into the microfiber shirt types, let’s take a quick recap on the pros and cons of wearing microfiber shirts. Why are some of the advantages of microfiber shirts that make people want to choose them over other fabrics like cotton?

Pro: Quick dry feature

Microfiber's quick dry feature is one of its most loved, especially as athletic wear. Thanks to its good wick absorption properties, microfiber fabrics can absorb sweat from your skin, and dry it off quickly, cooling your skin and body down. 

Pro: Durable (maintains form and machine-wash resistant)

Microfiber shirts are made of synthetic fibers, making them much more durable compared to more natural materials like cotton. 

They can maintain form even after being stretched and are more machine resistant than cotton and can retain their shape after washing. And the best thing? They're wrinkle free! This makes them particularly great shirts for more aggressive sports like football and basketball.

Con: Not as breathable as cotton

Thanks to the small size of the fibers, you can pack a lot more fibers into the same area compared to cotton fabrics. Because of this, microfiber shirts are much less breathable compared to cotton. Wearing microfiber shirts can sometimes feel a bit stuffier compared to cotton ones.

Con: Not environmentally friendly

One of the biggest beef people have about making clothes with microfiber is how environmentally unfriendly microfiber is for the environment. While producing cotton isn’t one of the most environmentally friendly processes either, microfiber is less likely to get recycled. Microfiber fibers are so tiny they often end up in water streams and end up in the food chain. 

Introduction to the best types of microfiber shirts and the best occasion to wear them

Microfiber Polo Shirt (with Collar) - Workwear Basics

Microfiber polo shirts are one of the most popular types of microfiber shirts. With a classic collar and short sleeves, a microfiber polo shirt helps give you a semi-casual feel while keeping you comfortable and cool.

With the new trend in startup workplace being more casual, wearing a microfiber polo shirt to your workplace can help you give off a casual yet semi-formal look. When you opt for a plain microfiber polo shirt, you'll carry off a quiet and elegant vibe.

The polo shirt design can be paired with a pair of blue or black denim jeans or stylish slim fit slacks. If you particularly like polo shirts, you can put just a few pieces in your wardrobe to last you an entire work week. The best colors to choose for the workplace are black, and navy blue.

If you're looking for a comfortable semi-formal shirt that's also cooling, pick up a microfiber shirt today!

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Microfiber U-neck Plain Short-sleeve T-shirt - Casual and sportswear basics

A u-neck shirt is a staple of any wardrobe. Keeping a few u-neck basic blacks and whites can complement most casual outfits you're looking to carry. 

If you are a gym rat or fitness enthusiast, u-neck microfiber tees are one of the best types of clothes to workout in. No matter the intensity of the workout, the quick-drying quality of microfibers makes it easy for you to cool down and keep your performance up.

Pick up a few pieces of basic u-neck tees today and never worry about not having anything to wear to meet your friends or go to the gym in!

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Microfiber U-neck Plain Long-sleeve T-shirt - Modest wear basics

Thanks to the heat here, long sleeves are the less popular of u-necks in Malaysia, but there are still a few occasions where a long-sleeve u-neck might be preferred.

If you happen to work in a job that requires you to be out under the sun for hours at a time, a long sleeve u-neck t-shirt can help add an extra layer of protection from the sun. The u-neck design is also a lot more comfortable compared to the collar-neck of polo shirts.

On the other hand, if your personal style tends towards modesty, u-neck long-sleeves are definitely a must! They are also good pieces to put on for occasions where a more modest look is preferred.

If you love long-sleeve shirts, u-neck long-sleeve microfibers are a must have!

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Microfiber fabrics are one of the most versatile ones. It’s found its way to become one of Malaysia’s most loved fabrics. Microfiber polo shirts can be worn as workwear where you aren’t expected to be fully formal.

On the other hand, a short sleeve u-neck microfiber shirt can be just the right basic tee for casual hangouts or as a workout companion.

Finally, a long sleeve u-neck microfiber shirt can help keep you shaded or when you want to start a sporty look.

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