/ Caring for Microfiber Shirts: Tips on How to Keep Your Microfiber Shirts Looking Great (for Malaysians)
Caring for Microfiber Shirts: Tips on How to Keep Your Microfiber Shirts Looking Great (for Malaysians)

Dri-fit, microfiber shirts are quickly finding their way into the closets of Malaysians everywhere. These microfiber shirts are light and cooling on the skin, making them a favorite choice as sportswear and even casual wear.

Even though a lot of people wear microfiber shirts, not everyone knows the best way to take care of them. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes people make with microfiber is by caring for them exactly how they would their cotton shirts. As natural fabrics like cotton differ greatly from microfiber fabrics, treating microfiber shirts like cotton shirts can cause damage to the fibers and reduce their lifespans.

To help you better care for your microfiber shirts, we've compiled this article to give you some of the must-know tips for microfiber fabric care. If you are a microfiber shirt fanatic and find yourself asking, "How can I make my favorite microfiber shirts or jerseys last longer?", we think you'll be able to gain some expert tips in this article.

So the next time you launder, dry or clean your microfiber shirts, you'll be assured that you are doing exactly what you should allow you to keep them in perfect condition.

Let's take a look at them!

Washing Tips for Microfiber Shirts

Wash using mildly hot water

As microfiber shirts are made up on synthetic fibers, they can be quite sensitive to heat. High heat can usually cause damage to the fibers and distort your shirt. This is why when washing your microfiber shirts, be sure to only use mildly hot water so as to help preserve the synthetic fibers inside. 

Avoid fabric softeners or detergents

While fabric softeners are a staple in most households and can help make cotton fabrics more comfortable to wear, applying them to a microfiber shirt can be disastrous. Softeners and even some detergents can clog up the spaces between the fibers in microfiber shirts, making them lose their much-valued wick absorption properties.

If you must use detergents, use scent free and additive free detergent. Better yet, if your microfiber shirts are not filthy, consider cleaning them with just water. For most microfibers, water will do the trick. All you have to do is just rinse and dry with your hands and it will be good to go!

Don’t use bleach to take out stains - use these instead

Stains on any shirt can be extremely frustrating. For most natural fabrics, bleach is usually used for its superior solvent qualities. With microfiber shirts, however, bleach can have pretty damaging results. The chemicals in bleach can cause the microfiber to deteriorate, wearing them out well before their years. If you have stubborn stains on your microfiber shirt, we recommend using the following solvents instead:

  • Alcohol
  • White vinegar
  • Vodka
  • Baking soda

Proceed with caution, however, as not all microfiber shirts are made equal. If you are unsure how your fabric will respond to any cleaning agent, test it on a small spot first before applying to the entire stain area.

Wash only with other microfiber shirts

It's pretty common for most people to have a mixture of different types of clothes in their wardrobe. In most cases, washing clothes together won't present many problems. However, with microfiber shirts, you'll have to keep them separate from other clothes. Mixing cotton and microfiber together, for instance, can cause the microfiber fabric to collect lint which can be difficult to remove later.

Instead, pile your microfiber shirts together in one load when washing. As with any other fabric, color separation when washing is still important as dyes can transfer.

Be gentle when machine washing

While microfibers are durable, you’d still want to switch on gentle washing when you are trying to wash your microfiber shirts using the machine as tumbling around the washing machine for long periods of time can wear out the fibers.

Drying and Grooming Tips for Microfiber Shirts

Air dry your shirts when possible

While dryers can make your shirts dry faster, with microfiber shirts, they are best avoided. The heat and tumbling action can distort and wear out fibers, shortening the lifespan of any microfiber shirt.

In fact, whenever possible, choose to put your microfiber shirts out to air dry. After washing, simply place them on a drying rack and let the natural air dry your shirts over time.

If you must use a dryer though, choose the no heat or low heat option to reduce the effects of heat on microfiber.

Be careful when ironing your microfiber shirts

Ironing shirts can make them look neat and presentable. With microfiber shirts, however, you'll need to be very careful with the iron. Leaving the iron at normal heat can damage your microfiber shirt. If you've left your temperature too high, you'll probably be left with a big and ugly scorch mark like the one below:

Image from Today Show

If the damage is too severe, you'll have to say bye-bye to your favorite microfiber shirt. Instead, if you want your microfiber shirt to look neat and less wrinkly, be sure to turn down the heat and turn up your patience to slowly iron out the creases. Generally speaking though, microfiber shirts don't require much ironing. Hanging them vertically in your closet will usually ensure that your microfiber shirts look and feel neat.


Microfiber shirts have exceptional dry-fit, and durability qualities which make them excellent choices when you want to stay cool, or when working out. However, if you are not careful with how you care about your microfiber shirts, you'll have to keep replacing them.

Caring for microfiber shirts differ greatly from caring for cotton shirts because cotton is made of natural fibers whereas microfibers are made of synthetic ones. When washing, drying or ironing your microfiber shirt, keep in mind to minimize your microfiber shirt exposure to heat. High heat will melt the synthetic fibers and distort or even damage your shirt permanently.

Be sure to wash your microfiber shirts with other microfiber shirts and avoid using softeners or detergents that can cause microfiber shirts to lose their quick dry properties. Avoid reaching out to your bottle of bleach when dealing with stains on the shirts, choosing instead to use solvents like alcohol, vodka or even baking soda. 

With proper care, you can extend your microfiber shirts lifespan beyond just 1 or 2 years.

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