/ Premium Cotton vs Normal Cotton: What's The Difference and How to Spot Premium Cotton from Fake Premium
Premium Cotton vs Normal Cotton: What's The Difference and How to Spot Premium Cotton from Fake Premium

Malaysians have always loved their cotton shirts. We wear it for just about any occasion - when hanging out with our friends, exercising, or even going to work! They're simple and easy to pair with just about any kind of jeans to go.

Lately, though, the hype has moved from wearing any type of cotton shirt to premium cotton ones. More and more brands in Malaysia have started offering up shirts made with premium cotton. 

For the layperson, you may be wondering: what's the difference between the normal cotton shirt I'm wearing now and one made with premium cotton fabric?

Finally, is it really worth paying extra for premium cotton shirts?

In this article, we'll look at the most common types of cotton, which makes premium cotton "premium" and, how to differentiate between good quality cotton and a bad one.

How many types of cotton are there?

Most people may not know this, but there are in fact, a large variety of cotton types in the world. This is because the cotton texture and quality can vary depending on how the cotton fabric is treated, the type of cotton plants the fibers were taken from and the time of harvest.

Generally speaking, cotton is divided into three types: Upland cotton, Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton.The most common type of cotton used around the world is upland cotton, making up 90% of the cotton used.

Premium Cotton vs Regular cotton: What's The Difference?

The one thing that makes one cotton fabric more premium compared to normal cotton is this: fiber length. Fiber length determines how soft and silky the fabric feels on your skin.

Compared to Upland cotton, Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton have longer fibers. Not only are they more comfortable to wear, Pima and Egyptian cotton also tend to be more durable. A higher level of comfort and durability is what makes premium cotton better than regular cotton.

Don’t be cheated: How to Spot Real Premium Cotton from Fake Ones

What most buyers don't know is this: just because the label says it's premium cotton doesn't actually mean it really is. Some unscrupulous sellers slap on a "100% Premium Cotton" label on shirts that aren't actually 100% premium cotton but instead are blends between regular cotton and premium cotton.

Unfortunately, there's no way of telling if a shirt is truly 100% cotton without running the fabric through scientific tests. Nonetheless, one of the biggest giveaways is the price. If the price is too good to be true (really cheap), it probably isn't 100% premium cotton.


Malaysians have a growing interest in buying premium cotton shirts. With longer natural fibers, premium cotton shirts are more durable and comfortable compared to shirts made with regular cotton.

While cotton shirts may all look alike to the naked eye, in reality, they can be quite different. The best way to tell if you are getting premium cotton is to price. If the price is too low for a "100% Premium Cotton" shirt, you'll be better off skipping the deal.

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