4 Things to Look for When Buying Jerseys in Malaysia - A Quick Guide
4 Things to Look for When Buying Jerseys in Malaysia - A Quick Guide

Jerseys are one of the most loved sports shirts worn by sporty Malaysians. They are loose-fitting shirts worn primarily by footballers, basketballers, and people who enjoy sports in their daily life. Other than for exercise, jerseys are also worn as style pieces for the fashion savvy who prefer a street-style look.

Like most shirts, jerseys can come in different styles and fabrics. For people who are in the market to buy a new jersey, it can be hard picking out the best one. This is why we've compiled this quick guide to help you get to know all the styles of jerseys and hopefully help you choose one that feels right.

So let's now take a look at the top 4 things you need to consider when looking for your next jersey:

#1. Style: Sleeveless or Short-sleeves?

Sleeveless Jerseys

Sleeveless jerseys are usually worn by basketballers and gym enthusiasts. They show off your well-toned muscles while keeping you cool with more aeration through your arms. They are also a great fit for streetwear enthusiasts and can also be worn with an inner t-shirt for added style sophistication.

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Short-sleeves Jerseys

Short-sleeve jerseys are more commonly worn than sleeveless ones. That's because the short sleeve style is more versatile and can be worn in different kinds of occasions. Short sleeve jerseys are most popularly worn for football but can fit into the sportswear of almost any sports including running, hiking and weight lifting.

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#2. Material: Microfiber, or Cotton?


Cotton is one of the most common jersey fabrics and was one of the first fabrics used to make jerseys in the early days. They are soft on the skin, making them one of the most comfortable jersey fabrics around. Though, in hot countries like Malaysia, cotton jerseys are not the most ideal choices. The natural cotton fibers can easily trap heat, making you feel extremely hot after a prolonged length of working out.

Choose cotton if you see yourself wearing the jersey mostly in air-conditioned environments, or for short workout periods.


Microfibers are the fabric of choice for people looking to wear their jerseys mostly in sunny outdoors. This is because microfibers have superior wick absorption qualities which can dry off the sweat from your skin quickly, resulting in a cooling effect. If you look closely, most basketball and football jerseys worn in the field are made with microfiber fabrics or microfiber blended fabrics.

Choose microfiber if you want a jersey that will keep you cool and comfortable outside.

Microfiber Blends

Another popular fabric choice is microfiber blends. These are microfibers made with more than one type of synthetic plastic fiber to give it superior qualities compared with just a single type of fiber. The most common type of microfiber blend is Nylon which has good wick absorption and is much more comfortable compared to polyester alone. However, microfiber blends like nylon are usually more expensive compared to 100% cotton or 100% microfiber fabrics and are therefore less popular for the budget conscious.

#3. Print: Printed, or Plain?


Printed jerseys are most often worn by players in a team. With a big logo printed on a bright neon shirt, printed jerseys help bring the spirit of teamwork and a shared goal. Printed works well for both sleeveless jerseys and short-sleeves jerseys. So if you are looking for jerseys for your team, pick a bright color jersey and bring it to a printer to get your unique logo printed on them. 

Tip: Microfiber fabrics tend to get absorb vibrant colors more easily. So if you're looking to print bright colors, choose microfiber jerseys instead of cotton ones.


Plain jerseys are usually worn by people working out by themselves or are involved in non-team sports. When wearing plain jerseys for competitive sports, go with a bright colored one and when wearing them for solo workouts, pick out a more subtle color like white, black or grey.

With plain jerseys though, it's best to pick a short-sleeves one as sleeveless jerseys can feel a bit too plain.

#4. Neck-style: Collared, V-neck, or U-neck?


Collared jerseys are more common for football. While they can be slightly uncomfortable on the neck, they give off an air of semi-casualness with a touch of sophistication. If you want to look stylish and still keep cool, be sure to choose a collared microfiber jersey instead of a cotton one.

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U-necks are best worn when you want to look casual and feel comfortable for any kind of sport. Either microfiber or cotton u-neck jerseys make great sportswear, depending on when you expect to wear the shirt.

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Jerseys are one of the most popular shirts worn by athletic Malaysians. They can be worn in a combination of styles. Basketball and gym enthusiasts may prefer sleeveless over short-sleeves jerseys. Footballers may prefer a collared jersey to a u-neck one.

On the other hand, for people who prefer their fabrics to have a more cooling effect, microfiber jerseys are better choices than cotton ones. And finally, jerseys can be worn with a nice, bright print or plain. There's literally a jersey for everyone if you know what you're looking for!

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