Reusable Masks vs Surgical Masks: What's the Difference?
Reusable Masks vs Surgical Masks: What's the Difference?

A comfortable mask is one that is well-fitting and tight, yet breathable. As it has become a norm to wear a mask when you step out of the house, it may cause discomfort when you’re obligated to have it on an entire day. So what’s the best type of mask you ask? If you’re one who hates hurting mother earth, a reusable face mask is a perfect option. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also extremely convenient as you don’t have to worry about where to dispose of it when you’re back home. Need we say more? Here are 5 reasons why a reusable mask is better!

Environmental Friendly

Did you know? A reusable face mask works the same as a disposable one with the added benefit of not contributing to plastic waste. Evidence has shown that if each person wore a single-use mask on a daily per year, the impact on climate change would be ten times higher than if we were to use reusable ones. Thus, it would be ideal if we could reduce the amount of contaminated plastic waste by opting for a more sustainable solution by choosing the latter!

One Time Fit

When you’ve found the perfect face mask, you can stop going through the hassle of constantly readjusting for the right length of comfort. If you’re also the type that hates going through the repetitive routine of modifying the shape of your single-use mask each time to fit your face, then go ahead and try out reusable masks! Pro tip: Try finding a mask that fits snuggly against your face, make sure there’s no space around the exterior of the mask and you’re good to go!

Double Layers For Extra Protection

It’s no surprise that most reusable masks include a double layer with hidden pockets to make you all the more protected. Face mask filters are usually found between the two outer layers of the mask and are most often used to further purify the air you breathe making it more effective and hygienic for any individual.

It’s Cheaper

No explanations needed, a reusable face mask is definitely cheaper than disposable ones. Reason being? You guessed it! It’s machine washable, doesn’t take effort to dry and most importantly, durable. All you have to do is come back from the outside, throw it in the washer (any detergent will do) and you’re good to go! 

Premium Material

Allows More Comfort More often than not, reusable face masks of better quality allows added comfort even in hot weathers like Malaysia. The one-piece design is usually lightweight and wide enough to fully cover one’s nose, mouth and even your chin. Unlike disposable masks that offer only an elastic rubber band that hangs around your ears, reusable ones usually come with robust elastic straps that help secure it in place for hours. Say goodbye to constantly adjusting your mask all day long!


Now the big question here is, where on earth do I get reusable masks of such design and quality of everything stated above? Boxy! That’s right. Not only do they aim to protect you and your family, but they’re also designed to fit into your daily fashion wear. As their mask is made out of 100% dual-layered cotton, it is sufficient to protect anyone in any public setting or for times where social distancing isn’t possible. Go ahead and purchase one for you and your loved ones! 

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